"To create art that explores the intersection of humanity, sustainability, and equity."


I’m an interdisciplinary artist living in Northern Virginia, originally from Bangladesh, mother of two beautiful children and two cute cats.

Nature’s rhythm, colors, and energy inspire me to create. I love exploring and experimenting with different mediums, tools & techniques.

I pour my love into my creations and my goal with each piece is to inspire and promote humanity, sustainability, and equity. Art has the ability to ignite emotions, provoke dialogues, and inspire collective action, and I am committed to using my artistic platform to contribute to a better world for present and future generations.

To view more of my work, please visit my Instagram/Facebook page @NafiaSyeedDesigns and @NafiartStudio. 

Founder and Designer
Nafiart Studio and Nafia Syeed Designs


"Where you find people smiling even if they live with the bare minimum,
where family is everything and you never feel alone,
where I left a piece of my heart." - Nafia Syeed

Fabric Scraps

I bring fabric scraps from Bangladesh, the second largest textile manufacturer in the world. The fabrics that I use for our jewelries and art are mainly handloom Jamdani Muslin , a form of amazing ancient fabric called Muslin which don't exist in the world anymore and Katan Banarasi a traditional fabric that is worn by the brides of Bangladesh on their wedding day. 

Natural Found Objects

A lot of my pieces are made with elements of nature like flowers, leaves, butterfly wings, shells, bird feathers, and stones. Carrying or having little pieces of nature makes one feel the blessings around us.

Recycled Plastic

I use plastics from recycled water bottles for my jewelries and art. These are individually hand sculpted and fused to create different organic shapes. 

Check out my art exhibitions!

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